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Among other things, I am my father's daughter.

That means Spring is Painting season!!

I have been dying to redo the main bathroom. Actually, it's mostly done. The walls were repainted when I moved in - to a pale yellow color, the paint that was found in my uncle's basement.

All this time Dad said that it was "Alpine Lace" - so it amused me that the walls were the color of Swiss cheese. Indeed, the walls are the color of a good Jarlsberg.

This morning I found that the paint color is actually "Antique Lace". Ah, great. Dirty musty old linens. I prefer Swiss cheese!

In any case, in the bathroom, that particular shade of pale yellow manages to tone down the bright lemon yellow sinks, toilet and tub (think the outside rind of an actual lemon).

In any case, there's a single wall in the bathroom of green paneling. Still in good shape, original from 1966, possibly older.

I am painting it white as an undercoat, and then over it will go a top coat of a pale green that matches the bathroom shower tile. I couldn't find a primer downstairs but I wasn't about to drive up to Glastonbury and get one out of *that* basement. So, the base coat of thick white paint is fine.

The next step will be to transform the brown vanity. It's a double-sink handmade one-piece wooden vanity, a wedding gift to my folks. Time to transform it, fifty years later. It will get painted in the pale yellow.

Then, over the doors and things, I want to stencil in the pale green color.

A friend suggested blueberries and leaves. Yeah, no. When I was a kid I was into American kitsch and ducks and stuff, but not anymore. The whole idea of stenciling, in my mind, is vaguely country-esque. But no, I was thinking more along the idea of OM symbols and things. We'll see.

In the back workshop area downstairs I found a wooden wall piece that looks like it was meant to hold a candle. You could put a candle in a jar on its small shelf. I have painted it with that same white paint. I think it will be painted green and put upon a yellow wall in the bathroom.
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I've had a rock salt lamp set up on the ground floor pretty much since I got here. Several weeks ago, when I cleaned up the kitchen, I set up another rock salt lamp on the counter.

A few days ago, I brought up another rock salt lamp from the basement @ my folks' house. This is the biggest one: roughly ten pounds. There are several more.

The rock salt lamps clear the air like nothing I've ever seen. When I started living down in there in 2004, they quickly cleared out the mildew and mustiness that the dehumidifiers hadn't been able to do.

So, I am slowly bringing them here. Here is a shot of where I just set it up, plus the curtains I hung earlier. As I get a better feel for the place, I'm starting to actually decorate.

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