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SheSingsNow ([personal profile] shesingsnow) wrote2017-01-15 10:21 am

Making lunch for the week

10:15am. I've been up for a few hours. Tried to sleep in but my body wasn't having it. That's fine. I'll be able to crash early, which I need to do.

I'm pretty proud of myself, although it's very hard to try to muster up the "proud of myself" feeling. I've just now made my lunches for this week. Blue Apron taught me some very new recipes and introduced me to some new foods that I loved, one of which was Korean tteok, which is a kind of chewy food made of rice flour. In this recipe, it's used like a pasta. Most importantly, I was able to eat it and digest it.

The recipe itself is located here and looks like this, which is essentially how it came out for me except that I didn't take that kind of care with the scallions:

My version had beef because it was closest and I saw no ground pork anywhere and I wasn't about to go another store. I used Hoisin instead of sweet soy sauce, so the recipe is slightly less sweet. Totally forgot the sour cream, but that's fine. No gochujang paste because it's too hot for me.

I tripled the recipe and it tastes Great. I am looking forward to lunches.

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