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I've had a rock salt lamp set up on the ground floor pretty much since I got here. Several weeks ago, when I cleaned up the kitchen, I set up another rock salt lamp on the counter.

A few days ago, I brought up another rock salt lamp from the basement @ my folks' house. This is the biggest one: roughly ten pounds. There are several more.

The rock salt lamps clear the air like nothing I've ever seen. When I started living down in there in 2004, they quickly cleared out the mildew and mustiness that the dehumidifiers hadn't been able to do.

So, I am slowly bringing them here. Here is a shot of where I just set it up, plus the curtains I hung earlier. As I get a better feel for the place, I'm starting to actually decorate.

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It just hit me. Today's the one year anniversary of my moving into this house. A year.

*shaking head* Wow.

Maybe that's why today I feel like unpacking, deciding on settling places for things. I put two vases on the upper kitchen window shelves. That nesting feeling's been increasing lately, which is cool.

I just relocated the remainder of the books on the dining room table onto the stairs to the third floor. The table will be cleared off soon. I'm glad I put all that effort into the kitchen last week or two weeks ago, because that's going to make it easier today.

Clearing out bits of the living room in corners that have been accumulating stuff. It's awesome! I love this spring cleaning thing!

Time to wash the blankets on the living room couches. Soon I will take the Xmas tree downstairs, but my knees are not cooperating. I had already packed the Christmas ornaments into two shoeboxes, which are also in the living room, read to be put into the half-closets downstairs. The Xmas tree will go into the coat closet. It's kind of a cool thing, actually. When the Xmas Tree comes out, the coats come out. When it goes in, the coats go in.
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So, I cleared off my desk. A few weeks ago I brought over two boxes of stuff from South Glastonbury. They are paperboard decorated boxes that I got at TJ Maxx a while back, in the effort to help organize the basement.

I unpacked one box into the drawer designated for office supplies in the bureau that's now in this office. The other box is smaller and I had it full of pencils/pens. So, I put that on the corner of my desk table.

Laundry still running. Unraveled a few necklaces. I hung them in the bathroom on the curtain rod hooks, because I've got to do something rather than let them tangle up in a drawer. I'll make a necklace rack soon - I brought my hammer down from S Glastonbury this week and now I have nails.
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The washing machine is now washing the current-bed-afghan; dryer is drying the quilt.

I went outside and raked debris from the hosta bed by the front sidewalk and the hosta bed by the well. No signs of mint coming up yet, but the one dead plant still standing proved to have deep roots when I attempted to pull it out. Cool.

Watered the new baby almost-seedlings.

Brought down a stack of books from the dining room table to the ground floor bookshelves. Removed the blanket from the table down there and set it up for a jigsaw puzzle. Sat on the couch for a minute.

I also brought down still more accumulated boxes (three) and put them in the garbage bin, which is now full. I have a pretty high box and bag collection skill.

My left knee is objecting very strongly, the right knee moderately strongly, to going up and down the stairs so many times. Need to take a break on that.

Still, all of this movement is very good. I am fending off a whalloping underlying feeling of being totally and utterly useless, which entirely relates to the amount of money I'm bringing in. So, my lifevalue=my income. Must. Break. That. Thought. Pattern. It should be something like: the value I give to others = my income. Anyway, the movement fends off the crapthought. Idle hands and all...
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I just took out the five or six boxes (mostly tiny ones) that I'd brought to the living room. Let the babies go downstairs (Alice didn't notice, she was sleeping). Played catch one of the neighbor's dogs, the boy dog.

Washing one of the blankets from my bed. Will change the sheets. The brown curtains are hung - they are slightly too short for that window, so I'm suspecting they were actually kitchen curtains when I was a kid, but I can't remember.

Brought upstairs the six bags I had down there - two that had been sitting there, and the four I filled from the couch last night. Easier for me to deal with one bag at a time.

The sky is getting more and more overcast. In fact, as I look at it, it's entirely overcast now.

When I was outside, I noticed that the hostas are coming up - so, I really need to rake away the remnants of last year's hostas. I also need to have raked the yard by the end of March.

Trying to make an effort not to sit at my computer all day.

I think next I will off the dining room table. It's mostly piles of books.

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