Sep. 21st, 2012 09:55 pm
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Meme: It's international book week. The rules: Grab the closest book to you, turn to page 52, post the 5th sentence as your status. Don't mention the title. Copy the rules as part of your post.

"Stutman developed a strategy for improving relations with the news media and sought to draw journalists' attention to the spread of crack cocaine in inner-city communities."


Sep. 24th, 2011 07:07 pm
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I've read/completed 60 books this year. Am not counting the books I started but decided not to finish or to finish at some future date. My goal was to read 75 books this year, so I think I am right on track to meet that. I read/finished 40 books last year.

This has been a enriching reading year, too. I have pushed myself to read a few things that I wouldn't ordinarily spend the time on and I'm glad I did.

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This list is still short; hope to improve that next year!

Books I Finished in 2010:

1. The Last Lecture, Randy Pausch
2. The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, Stieg Larsson
3. Star Island, Carl Hiaasen
4. Agenda for a New Economy, David Korten
5. Red Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane
6. How to Tell a Story and Other Essays, Mark Twain
7. Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift
8. Does Your Family Dress in Corduroy and Denim, David Sedaris
9. Thief of Time, Terry Pratchett
10. Moby-Dick, Herman Melville
11. No More Dreaded Mondays, Dan Miller
12. The 4-Hour Workweek, Revised & Expanded, Tim Ferriss
13. Wordpress for Dummies, Lisa Sabin-Wilson
14. Worship that Works, Wayne Arnason
15. The Power of Less, Leo Babauta
16. Crime and Punishment, Fyodor Dostoevsky
17. Here if You Need Me, Kate Braestrup
18. American Fairy Tales, L. Frank Baum
19. Learning to Fall, The Blessings of an Imperfect Life, Philip Simmons
20. 500 Vegan Recipes, Celine Steen
21. Son of a Witch, Gregory Maguire
22. Y: The Last Man (Graphic Novel) Volume 1
23. Y: The Last Man (Graphic Novel) Volume 2
24. Y: The Last Man (Graphic Novel) Volume 3

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